Formlab 2 prints quality problem

Hi, im using 2 years this printer, last few months I have problems with my prints quality. I clean the glass, put new resin tank, resin is clean, software up to date. 1 print is good of 10

It could be a lack of supports

What is the resin?

Resin is castable wax

I’m using default setting for support

We have had similar problems with castable - a really good shake of the cartridge and tipping out the resin in the tray back into the cartridge for remixing certainly helps, but the effect lasts only a few hours and the mixing needs repeating again.

Finally we gave up and moved onto Spot-A materials Castable, which frankly is fantastic - its designed to use the clear version 4 profile in open mode, it prints well and has no residual ash after firing. Its also cheaper than Formlabs castable. We simply follow their instructions and enjoy good prints every time. Default supports (use the clear v4 profile) work everytime for us.

The automatic orientation and supports settings are a mere suggestion, not a guarantee that it will work out. After some practice doing it yourself you can place the points in a better arrangement where it has enough supports while also minimizing the amount of supports and making sure they’re in places that are easier to remove later.

Also, yeah, make sure you’re getting the resin properly mixed before printing.

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