Uneven/Shifting Layers, Parasitic Curing... New Gray Resin Update NO HELP

We have been running the Form3 for a few weeks now. I have been through the forums and there have been discussions with no real answers beyond ‘Hope Formlabs comes up with a firmware update to fix it’ (and that was several months back. I am running Gray (V4), Tough, and castable wax resins. Firmware and Preform are current as of last night.

Almost since the get-go we have had uneven layering, especially apparent on flat surfaces. I was hoping that adaptive layer height or the new gray resin beta updates would help. I did a print I had already done before (100 micron layer height, default print settings) last night with adaptive layer height and Gray Beta settings. I not only got the typical inconsistent layers, but now had several areas that were almost wavy (about 5mm at a time swollen out or in slightly in bands). So the updates+adaptive made print quality worse not better. Tried adaptive layers on a castable wax print that I had done before on fixed 50 micron layer… helped a bit… got maybe 60% without banding… the rest still had the lines through it.

I know there have been issues with the new low pressure system, but really not liking the fact Formlabs has had what… over a year now… and this is still an issue? My team (a very large TV production in New Zealand), specifically got the form vs the Peopoly Noir because it would be good to go out of the box. This has not been the case. Also, as Preform does not really allow much tinkering under the hood, I don’t even really have the options of fine-tuning as I would on the Peopoly.

Did I make a mistake going with Formlabs (or at least the Form3 vs the Form2), or did I get a miscalibrated/faulty machine?

Sorry for the minimal pictures, under an NDA so this is about the extent of what I can show. The castable wax has a slight displacement map pass on it so is not supposed to be flat, the blue tough resin back surface is supposed to be flat.


Looks weird - if there are layers visible they should appear only in one direction - in your case the whole surface is scattered as cloth.

For example if there are not enough supports, it’s possible to see layers lines, but only in one direction.

Ensure the LPU module doesn’t have dust/particles/resin on the top glass.

Also I’ll recommend you to contact the customer support - my experience is that they come very quickly in contact with you and try all the best to solve your problems (personally I’m very satisfied with the FormLabs customers support).

Try to WD-40 lubricate the motors and rails.

I actually just had a talk with the Peopoly owner a few days ago. We are guessing about the Form 3L since the form 3 really is not that impressive.

If it was FDM i would maybe suspect resonance of some type, but the Form doesn’t have that level of momentum flying around, and it’s on a pretty strong table… Will reach out to Formlabs and report…

My machine did get stuck once or twice and it was saved by WD-40.

magic water!

WD-40 is NOT a lubricant it shouldn’t be used anywhere near a printer.

Formlabs have a recommendation for a grease to be used on lead screws.

Yeha I kind of figured… WD-40 has solvents in it for breaking rust etc… doesn’t seem like an optimal choice. I guess a light machine oil like for sewing machines. I tend to use a thicker grease on z axis lead screws.