Self-Cleaning Resin Tank Design Idea

Since “invisible Jell-o” seems to be causing some problems with the Form1, I’m offering my oddball idea for a self-cleaning tank. Basically, when the tank tilts to perform the peel process, the jell-o will flow to the reservoir area which is separated by a “comb” type structure.

I came up with the idea watching the jell-o flow back and forth during a print. It doesn’t really seem to adversely affect my prints but I’m sure with time, that’ll change.

For payment, I’ll take 1 tank (self-cleaning or not) and 1 bottle of resin. You’re welcome. :wink:

Brilliant, David.  You got a working prototype on that bad boy? More seriously, thanks for the creative suggestion. We’ve been using a simple plastic comb to clean out the tanks, regularly, and an automatic version is a nice idea.