Seeking CAD models for material demo and design specs

I would like to send our engineers sample prints of each of our different materials to keep on their desk. That way they can look at the part, feel it, test it, and read the text imprinted on the surface to help them know design requirements for using that resin. I.e. material properties, drain hole size, min boss size, etc… I’m looking for a nice, slick one-stop solution for designing with a particular resin. Something they can look at and feel.

Does anyone have CAD models for something like this or models they can point me to? I didn’t see many good options on Thingiverse or Grabcad.

Ask Formlabs for some of their sample parts?

It’d take one of your engineers a few minutes to design something like that. Done in a parametric CAD program, you could customize the model for each resin by changing parameters for things like hole sizes. Someone who’s good with their CAD software could probably script it to spit out each model from a table of parameters. Engineers love projects like this. Don’t cheat 'em out of a chance. Make it a competition to see who can come up with the best design, with all submissions to to be judged by the group to pick the best. Makes it a useful team building exercise, too.

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Yeah, I can design a model to do that. I was just hoping someone had done it already with this large of a user base. Formlabs’ stock sample parts are only helpful for a little bit of design information.