Advertising and Example Models

Hi all, i am curious yet disappointed that Formlabs “EXAMPLE” model files do not come as part & parcel of a brand new printer delivery, nor do they come as “Example” files for printing when new resins are being purchased. This seems pretty odd as the images of these models are used extensively in the advertising of everything, Surely if you can load tested files the results could be assessed for print quality and issues, especially if the settings, orientation etc are all formlabs created in a downloadable .form file. I think the Form 3 i have is great, but the best way to convince my potential 3D customers is to show them some of the great models Formlabs are using to advertise their product, that’s a major reason we bought it, isn’t it?


Agreed. This is a practice many companies follow if for nothing else to help you know that you’re machine is cal’d to the level it should be. Maybe in the future.

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