🙈 Deluxe Dust Cover for the Form 2 - Now Available!

Greetings Forum,

I’m happy to announce the launch of a product I’ve been working on for some time now- please meet the Z-Slip 2!

Following the release of my cover for the Form 1 last year, the Z-Slip 2 is a deluxe dust and light cover compatible with the Form 2. Protect the inside and outside of your machine from dust particles and your tray from receiving additional light while the machine is printing or idle.

​I’ve worked hard to achieve a cover with a tailored fit, nice lines and helpful features to match the grace of the machine it protects. I’m damn happy with it and hope you are too!

Z-Slip 2 features include:

-Durable, deluxe cordura fabric. Rigid enough to slip on and off easily and dark enough to keep light out

-Tapered shape to match the Form 2 geometry for a snug fit

-Touchscreen-sensitive plastic window over the LCD screen. See and interact with the status of your prints with the cover on

-Back flap allows clearance for cords to escape

-Sewn-in loop to hang when not in use

-Made in San Francisco, ships worldwide

I’m still awaiting professional photos, but for now these should give you a good idea.

Thanks everybody!


Just to be clear, this can slip on and off without having to move the printer?

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Correct, there is no bottom to the cover. I have the version for the Form1 and like it very much.

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Very nice. Are there any cooling problems while operating the Form 2 covered up like that? What is the projected cost and color choices. Thanks.

Yes, that might be interesting – but a section of more earthy color couces would be nice.

For example, colors out of this range:


Thanks all who have commented and those who have placed orders!

@mjncad - You asked about any cooling problems and the answer is no. We’ve been beta testing one for a few months, running 18+ hour prints with the cover on and and have not had any issues. There was also a Formlabs team member on the forum a while back who said they didn’t think there would be an issue. I believe the temperature is maintained by a thermostat so it should regulate itself.

@andyfilms - No, no bottom on the cover so it slips easily on and off .

@Antroia - Thank you for the recommendation! Unfortunately my production is relatively small making custom colors difficult. I will keep this in mind though the next run if more color choices are available.

Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it.

Zak - Have you ever thought about designing a more rigid cover for sound dampening purposes?

Right now I only sit a meter away from the printer and the noise is pretty distracting, let alone what the neighbours must think when printing goes on into the night.

What I had in mind would be something that would cover the printer entirely and sit flush on the table with soft soundproof lining at the base and cut-outs for the wires (maybe have slit foam inside those)

maybe it could use some sort of sound proofing material on the inside. I think there would be a big market for these as many people use the Form 2 in their homes and appartments.

It can also act as a dust cover :slight_smile:

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When will Black be available again. I would like to order a Black cover

nice but overpriced for my part of the world, I guess that is regular price in SF :smiley: you gave me Idea, I will DIY :smiley:

@drjenkins I’m running another production right now, hopefully will be back in stock in a week or so. I can let you know. Thanks!

@FormBeast- Thank you for the idea! I’d love to help, but my intuition says that the cost for prototyping + production would exceed what demand would bring. At least when considering my almost total ignorance of sound proofing technologies and materials- I’d have to start from scratch and I know from experience how expensive and time consuming R&D is. I’ll keep it in mind though. Cheers.

why is your stuff always sold out?

Will this be in stock soon? You should create an email notification on your site so we can order when back in stock, please.

I want one too…

Hi all,

I just got word from my manufacturer that they will be ready this Monday. Thanks for your patience.

@TurtleRacing I wish I had that ability. I’ll look into it and see if there is some easy way to enable it. I’m afraid I lean towards the stone age when it comes to web development.

I do understand that! I suck at the web stuff too, good luck. I will hopefully get a cover soon.

Will you by chance be making one of these for the Form 3?

Something like this for the Form 3 with a filter or exhaust adapter would be amazing…