Dust proof house for the Form 2

Hi All,
I’m in process of building a dust proof box for my printer. We have a small shop in San Francisco where we cut aluminum extrusions for LED lighting. In addition we cut PVC LED diffusers and sand the ends to create a snap-fit connection. I’m fearing that these particles will get into the Form2 machine over time. We also have two shop mates that are fuzzy and walk on 4 legs, so fur is rampant. I’ll post pictures of the process and hope that others can chime in with thoughts and ideas. I’m going to look for the orange translucent plastic online to make the walls of the box with and the front hinged door.

-Shine On


Hey Shine On-

I produce a fabric dust cover out of cordura for the Form 2. It may save you a lot of trouble if it fulfills your needs. You can check it out and order here-



Here is the new home for my new FORM2 SLA machine. Still need some details ironed out but this should keep it dust free in a dirty LED design shop. The inner dimensions are 20 inches deep, 26 inches wide and 36 inches tall. I hope it’s enough room to open the top without intrusion.

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The cloth case z-vat sells is static proof. Hard case may draw small particles in if it isn’t static proof.
The z-slip also won’t scratch the case.