Deluxe Dust and Light Cover for Form1/1+ - Introducing The Z-Slip

Hi Folks,

I’m happy to introduce the Z-Slip, a deluxe dust and light cover for your Form1/1+. Protect the sensitive optical components from dust particles and your prints from receiving additional light while the machine is printing or idle.

I’ve been working hard with an industrial sewing company here in San Francisco to achieve a cover with a tight fit, nice lines and helpful features to match the grace of the machine it protects. I’m pretty happy with it and hope you are too.

Z-Slip features include:

-Thick nylon material rigid enough to easily slip on and off and dark enough to keep light out

-Sewn-in loop to hang when not in use

-Translucent window over the LCD screen to see the status of your prints.

-Back flap allows clearance for cords to escape

-Protected with an anti-static coating

-Made in San Francisco, ships worldwide.

I was hoping to release the Form2 version at the same time, but that one is stalled due to the more complex geometry and desire for a really clean touchscreen interface. So look for that in the coming weeks, we are almost there and the tapered form fit is looking really tight :sunglasses:

You can order the Z-Slip on my webstore here.

Also note that I am now an authorized distributer of Yellow Magic 7, which you can find there as well. Not to mention my Z-Vat glass resin trays.

Warm regards and happy printing!

Z-Vat Industries


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