Search and Save As for .form files


My .form files tend be mixed batches that contain a large number and variety of unique models in various scales. If a batch prints well, I save each batch as a .form for future use. However, when I need a one model from a prior successful batch I’m unable to easily find it because I can’t see sub-objects (STL files) that are within the .form file with importing or opening the whole file.

It would be helpful to be able to search within .form files I’ve already created without opening them to get the most recent version of a model and add it to a new job. While the concept of making a .from file for each stl model may be ideal, it doesn’t scale. I tried to create a search script using the application Everything but the .form format obfuscates the file names.

Perhaps as an alternative, if Preform allowed you to grab a individual model from a batch and “save as” I would be able to give each model it’s own .form file for future batch prints. Right now, I have to open a batch, delete all of the models I don’t want. Save the one model as a .form, open the batch again, delete everything, save, etc… On a build plate with 30-40 unique models this takes forever.

It is also not practical to do the reverse. Open model 1, orient and add support, save .form. Add model 2, orient and add support, delete model 1, save .form. Undo deletion of model 1. Add model 3, orient and add support, delete model 1 & 2, save .form. Yikes! :slight_smile:


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