Scale/Size problem in Preform software


Imported models, when scaled incorrectly, are usually out by a factor of 10 in my experience, scaling up in any axis corrects this, again in my experience.


thanks Jason for the input, im learning you have to just play with it.


Curious if it is a rounding problem. If the model is coming out super small then the program exporting the file doesn’t have a unit size or the unit size is not checked prior to export. If that happens then it may come in too large or too small for PreForm.

I am wondering if it comes in so small into PreForm it loses some of the precision. Is PreForm double precision?

So far I usually make sure my unit scale is in the file’s information. If you don’t have that option in your software then maybe you have it under obj export and if so try that. When exporting obj files do not weld all verticies or merge if you have multiple mesh groups and make sure you export Triangles Only.


JasonSpiller is right. Preform was shrinking my models and asking if I wanted to use inches instead of centimeters. I modeled the piece with centimeters so Preform’s assumption was wrong and the model was imported very small. The solution was to use Maya to scale the model up by 10 and then reimport. After I did that, Preform brought in the model perfectly.

It may not be obvious, but the grid lines inside Preform are square centimeters. That can help you know if your prints are the wrong scale.