Saxophone mouth pieces

The concept of custom printing woodwind instrument mouth pieces would be amazing, but the question is whether it’s safe considering how acidic saliva is. I’d like to avoid going castable or creating molds, because of cost and wanting to do one of customized mouthpieces.

I do however only want to go down this road if I’m not going to poison my friends.

I believe the only biocompatible resin Formlabs has right now is the Dental SG resin. We’ve never used the SG resin so I can’t say how well it would work with what you want to do though. Also it’s Formlabs most expensive resin at $399 USD.

Most of our materials aren’t bio-compatible and DentalSG is rated for up to 24 hours of intra-oral use. DentalLT Clear will be shipping shortly and is rated for long-term bio-compatibility so that might be something to look into. In the mean time, making a mold and casting a food safe silicone is a great option.

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