Biocompatible Flexible Resin


I am looking for a biocompatible flexible resin for a new development. I know there are biocompatible resins and flexible resins available, but I can’t find a resin that combines these characteristics.

Is there anything available already? Or in the near future?

If you can cast your part, you might be better off doing that to start. You can print the mold instead of the part and cast in a urethane with good bio-compatibility and your desired flexibility.

So that’s a no-go on the DIY butt implants? Darn!

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Nothing that I know of. Depending on your biocomp requirements you may want to do your own testing. I have tested some of the Formlabs non dental resins and they passed cytotoxicity testing, but I haven’t spent the money on additional tests. Be sure to do full rinses and post-cures to ensure there is no uncured resin leftover.

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