Sample of a hollow golf ball (1.68" diameter)

I am interested in the Form 1 printer and I would like to get a part made so I can assess the quality of the print and the suitability of the printer for our application. The parts I need to print is a hollow golf ball, measuring 1.68" in outside diameter and 1.5" in inner diameter. I contacted Formlabs company via email to request a sample but I haven’t heard back from them. Is anyone that owns a Form 1 lab willing to help me? I need to print in the highest resolution (25 microns) possible and I’ll pay for the material and shipping costs. Alternatively is there a company that offer rapid prototyping services with the Form 1 printer? I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Do you have an STL of the golfball?

If you have an .STL/.OBJ of the golf ball then I can help you out. I’ve got my Form1 up on 3DHubs for small jobs like this:

Its not the dimensions you stated but I printed a hollow golf ball.