Rigid 10K Surface Finish

Hi everyone,

I recently started using the Rigid 10K resin on my Form 2.

I was pleasantly surprised by the matte opaque white finish on the outside of the models in contrast to the slightly transparent yellow of the standard white resin.

Unfortunately the matte opaque finish only seems to be on the very outer surface of the models. Sanding away the outer surface reveals a slightly more transparent finish similar to the outer surface of the Rigid 4K resin.

I am curious what creates this matte opaque finish on the 10K Rigid resin and if there is a way to recreate it with some post processing? My goal is to be able to sand off any supports on a 10K Rigid model and be able to restore the original matte opaque finish. I appreciate all the help!

It can only be due to how much laser that resin gets. The Form2 makes extra passes around the perimeter of the print, so the exterior is probably a bit more cured than the soft nugate center. :slight_smile: If so, post-curing the print should produce the same effect deeper in to the surface of the print…

Interesting. Have you tried washing the finished part in IPA again? Possibly before post-curing?

I’m suggesting that because maybe it is the filler showing through because the outermost resin has been washed away.

The matte finish is due to not completely embedded glass (amorphous silica) particles on the surface, same cause as the white dust that comes off it.