Alternative finish to the Rigid 10K, pockmarks

Has anyone found a good way to “clean” the pockmarks left by supports on the rigid 10k? I understand that due to the nature of the resin and the glass particles why the color is different when the supports are removed. However, this creates an aesthetic issue for my work in architectural models, which can end up with hundreds of those little spots all over the finish surface.

I have been using the rigid 10K because the matte white material has been the best material finish so far. The Rigid 4K was not white enough. Is there another resin that has a solid, white, matte, finish that DOESN’T leave such ugly imperfections?

Hi @RhodePartners,

Rigid 10K parts tend to have a white exterior with a cream-colored interior underneath. It’s likely that the marks left after removing the supports would be this cream-colored inner part. In that case, you could sand down or even media blast the part, but the remaining surface would have the cream color rather than being white. A potential alternative could be White Resin, which has yields parts that have a uniform white color throughout.

I second the suggestion for using Standard White Resin, it’s a rather good resin for static models that won’t be handled much, or where high structural integrity isn’t a requirement.

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