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Resin to approximate the look of stone?


I guess this isn’t necessarily experimental, but I am trying to decide between using standard white or the Ridged 10K I was gifted, to print a pair of figurines to look stone-ish (white marble perhaps?).

I realize the 10K is NOT geared towards sculptural/art/design, but from what I hear it has a nice surface quality and at least the figurines would be less breakable than the white.

Looking for thoughts on the matter. I would love to be able to shine the piece some, as well. I do not want to use a spray varnish. Thought about epoxy coating, but the surface tension on that stuff always leaves places it didn’t coat.



I think Rigid will look more “stone-like” before finishing than plain White. Note after sanding Rigid (at least, 4K) gets a smooth sheen to it which does look very much like polished plastic.


Thanks. I chickened out and went with gray (turns out I’m out of white). Just going to prime and paint.

I read that Rigid 10K is “powdery”, which I gathered means chalky or imparts powder on the user’s hand? Not sure. Looking for an excuse to use it however. Thinking maybe a mold for silicone rubber castings…