Respirator / Headaches / Airflow?

Hello all - I am finally printing more and more since getting my Form1+ upgrade and cleaning everything to get some consistent results but I always seem to get headaches and numbness around either the IPA, Resin or both. I am not sure which is really doing it to me.

I wear respirators and that helps a lot but I still seem to get a small effect afterwards… without the respirator, even if I walk into the room a day later, I will get effects pretty quickly.

Currently I have the printer and the washtank area near a window that is pulling air out with a window fan and also I have a midsize fan blowing across the area towards the window to try to move everything out.

I see people just leaving it in their spare rooms with no ventilation and I have no clue how they aren’t affected by it.

Anyone else have issues?

thanks - Bill

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Careful Bill, you may be allergic to Resin! My girlfriend is, so I got her a specific paint Respirator by 3M. I’m sure you know this, but there are specific respirators for paint that have the right filter. You are looking for Organic Vapors (3M 6001.). Check that the filters include resins, since the majority don’t.

It worked-out for her and now she can stay in my studio while I print… using my computer… eating my food… now I’m the one with the headaches!

Frank J. Guthrie

For reference, here’s a useful chart showing which respirator-filters are appropriate for this purpose: