Is this a suitable respirator for handling IPA and resin?

I am using a respirator of type A2 B2 E2 K1 for handling IPA. This does work well, because I did not smell any IPA when wearing the mask. I am no expert in this kind of stuff, so I ask here. What type of resiprator filter is needed for resin (standard and though)? Do I need one for particles or vapors (orangic or anorganic?) or both? I am not sure if my current respirator works regarding the resin.

Unless you’re spraying it around there is not need for a respirator. the fumes are not toxic under normal circumstances. I was to a lung doctor for other issues and mentioned that I used IPA with the Form 2 machines. He told me that the IPA would not hurt me.

Just don’t go sucking it in is all. I have mine in what should be our living room and do up to 10 prints a day using the Form Wash and have no issues at all.

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I am just afraid that inserting and removing the resin tank does let vapors or microparticles into the air, which I then get into my lungs. Also if I have to fish parts out of the resin tank, I have to get a close look at the resin tank. I dont think that I smell anything, but that doesnt mean that there are no toxic vapors or particles. Also there is a warning on the cartridges to avoid inhaleing the resin.

By the way: I placed my printer in a ventilated box. The air then gets blown outside of the window.

Breathing IPA in high concentrations is an irritant and can develop allergic reactions in the linings of your airway.
Its a good idea to keep your exposure low.
Any activated charcoal filter will remove it. Be aware that you have to replace the filters based upon how often and how high the exposure- if you wash prints once a week- your filters might last 6 months. If you wash prints every day- replace the filters every month.

Resins are not as volatile and less of a worry- but the Form 2 DOES heat them and agitate the surface… methacrylates are genuinely toxic- but your exposure to them in photopolymer form is remarkably low.

Just the same, My form 2 and tanks are kept in a steelcase cabinet to which I have rigged an activated charcoal filter and 24 hour a day axial flow fan- this both cleans the air of any chemicals and filters out dust particles that keeps the entire room less dusty- which translates into better prints.
But this is because my Form 2 lives in the office proper, where people are working all day.
If it were out in the shop- where there is far more ventilation and space, I would not be as concerned about filtration.
Because the wash station is out in the shop- we take no real precautions… and mostly by guys do not wear respirators when using it… however, I do plan to build a simple exhaust hood around the wash station with a fan linked to an overhead light- just so i do not have to concern myself with respirators and filter replacement…
A simple airflow drawing the fumes away from the worker and out of the building will be enough to keep exposure non-hazardous.

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Please don’t overthink this matter. As Walter said, unless you are spraying the stuff around, and my 2-cents; work around open containers of the stuff day in, day out, don’t worry about it. A few minutes exposure here and there is not going to cause you problems and you breathe in more crud (e.g. pollen, etc) every day anyway.

Now if you have known lung diseases, that may be a different matter and I’d ask your pulmonologist for advice.

Just print and be happy.

Well… working above a bath of IPA, even for a few minutes, is enough for me to get a sore throat the next day. So while it might not be too dangerous lung-wise, it is annoying to have a sore throat.