Resin Tray

A couple of quick lesson learned.

  1. The max fill line is REALLY the the max fill line for the resin tray.
  2. Do not clean the resin tray with alcohol, it is acrylic and it will crack. Formlabs recommendation is:
    You should clean the resin tray with a water dampened cloth. Isopropyl can cause acrylic to crack over time.

Thanks for posting David!

Thought I would include this here too:

We do have some care tips located under our “Form 1 Maintenance” FAQ page here:

It’s also worth noting that you can use products specifically recommended for acrylic, like Novus  #1.

Great tips! :slight_smile:

Jory, do you have any advice on how to clean the tank of unused residual resin for when we use other resin colors? Also, is there an ETA on when we can order spare resin tanks?


We are hard at work producing more official info posts and instructions (including resin tank cleaning) so keep an eye on the “support” section of the site.

Additional resin tanks are going to be available through the Form Store very soon, but I don’t have an exact date just yet. For opaque resin, I would say having a spare tank on hand for different colors is not a bad idea.