Resin Tray & Squeeking

I have recently purchased a form 3L after many successful years with a Form 3.
The new printer is going well but I have 2 questions.

  1. the resin tank fep or whatever it is called sags so much I have to insert a piece of cardboard under it to remove it from the machine…is this normal?
  2. There is also a squeaking noise coming from under the tray when printing…could be the print heads? or something moving under this sagging resin tray?
    Advice welcome.
    Ian D.

Hi austekmodels,

For question 1, I would create a support case with our support team and get them a video of this behavior for further input.

For question 2: Checking the roller holder and making sure the bottom of the tank is clean may address this noise. Otherwise, I’d provide more information in the support case.

Hope to get you to continue printing well with your Form 3L!