Resin Tank Warnig

I have a printer Form 2 for 2 months and I printed several models using gray resin. The following message appeared on the next printout: 2
I cleaned the sensor, and the problem remained. I thought it was a resin tank problem and I bought a new resin tank LT and a new gray resin. And here another problem appeared:4
After “Ignore” I saw this message:3
I look forward to your reply.

Sometimes one of our printers also gives that error now and then. Usually reseating the tank solves the issue after a couple restarts (power cycles).
When you change to a new tank, just press continue print and it should not be a problem at all.


This is normal behaviour. The printer means for you to confirm that the unknown tank is clean and that it can pour resin in it without mixing with some other type of resin.

The initial error is often reported on these forums and you should contact formlabs support which will be able to guide you through the troubleshooting steps. Sometime the electronic contacts are dirty or deformed, or there are other issues which they will help you solve.

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