Resin tank level


just asking how Form 2 knows the level of resin in the tank, does it have any kind of sensor?

I read about the resin tank chip but if I empty the resin tank for any reason the chip obviously does not know.


A capacitive sensor behind the resin tank on the tower detects the resin level. No information about current resin level is contained on the resin tank chip.

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Thank you @CraigBroady so the chip in the resin tank only contains information about the type of resin and the chip in the cartridge the resin level, is this correct?

Yep! The tank chip contains information about the type of resin currently in the tank, and can be overwritten by the Form2 if you want to switch resins after cleaning.

The cartridge chip includes information about the resin, and the current estimated resin level in the cartridge.

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