Resin tank heat map, intelligent placement

Given that we all want to get the most out of each resin tank consumable, I’d like to propose a heat map feature that would allow the Form2 to keep track of laser exposure per resin tank ID. Areas get “hotter” the more they are exposed to the laser during prints. PreForm would then be able to place the next print in the best region of the build platform so that the least exposed part of the tank is used each time.

An additional “nice to have” would be two modes, normalized and absolute. Normalized would show the most-used regions as maximum heat, while absolute would show heat on a scale of unused to used-up. This way, we can tailor part placement in such a way that we “use up” a region of the tank, while leaving other areas unused for future prints. Normalized mode has the disadvantage that there is no way to discern between a region that is “used up” vs one that’s just used a lot more than another region.


I totally agree with this :+1:

Plus one :+1:

This would be a useful feature.

agreed a good feature. another area that needs a better algorithm is the automatic layout. I asked it to place 7 items and it failed. I managed to place the same items manually with plenty of space in the build area. So the function needs work!

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