Resin spilled inside Form1 1+

I need instructions on how to clean up and where to check for issues.
I haven’t determined if my Form1+ is out of warranty but cleaning instructions would be very helpful. FYI, the resin seems to have traveled to the base of the unit and has pooled up there, leaking out the front.
Thanks in advance.

If you have a resin spill, it’s very important that you get in touch with the support team before further handling the printer. Moving things around can worsen the issue and cause resin to spread to some of the more sensitive electronics. Even if your printer isn’t under warranty, you can open a support ticket and one of our team members will advise on how to get things cleaned up.

I have contacted support, and have been taking steps to remove the sub-assemblies to remove or cure the resin as needed. It will be an incremental process for me. Luckily, it seems, resin only went to structural components, so nothing mechanical or electronic. Wish me luck cleaning up!

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