Resin ran out midway through print. How can I finish it?

I was using up the rest of my Rigid 10k and the print got 67% done before the printer sent an error that the spout was “jammed” however it seems the software doesn’t know how to correctly calculate how much resin is left because I was completely out. Is there any way I can add a different resin (clear for example) to the print to finish it? Or is there a way to slice off at the layer height and start a new print finishing the remaining part of the print?

Hello @agorman ,

Thank you for your question on finishing your print. The only way to finish a print at this point is with additional resin of the type you were printing in; there’s no way to change resins midstream.
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Ah, that’s what I was afraid of. There’s no way to slice at the layer line stopped at in Preform and have it finish the remainder of the print in a different resin is it? Like at the layer it stopped at, slicing the profile for only the remainder of the print and finishing it on a new print? That would be a life saver if possible. Thank you for your help.

Hi agorman,

At this time, that is unfortunately not a feature - what I can do is pass along feedback for you to see if we can have this as a feature in the future to the team - you can also provide feedback directly via PreForm through Help → Give Feedback to help get more eyes on this request.

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