Resin Last Drops.... a hack to get all the resin out

Today, next to my kitchen sink was a detergent bottle, closed and upside down. This is to get the last drops of dishwashing detergent out before recycling the container. Maybe this inspired me.

I finished a container of Grey resin, and replace it with new. But, I saved the “empty”. Today I figured out a hack to make sure empty meant EMPTY.

  1. Remove your build plate (I have a Form 3+).
  2. Make sure the top valve is closed on the allegedly empty container.
  3. Pull the shark bite valve off the container, and set aside. Heck you may need it someday. Clean it with IPA.
  4. Quickly flip the container over and set it on the tank, as shown in the picture. The output spigot will be over the tray, it will be stable, and the door can close.
  5. Make sure the top valve is now open.
  6. Go to bed. In the morning, throw out the container with a clear conscience.



Great simple idea! I like it. Hopefully this will convince the EHS department at my company that I can continue to use the Formlab prints long into the future. EHS has had an issue since day 1 with Formlabs being less than responsible with their lack of forethought with recycling/environmental waste with cartridges and tanks.

I don’t understand why you can’t send the cartridges to be refilled these days or get packs like refilling detergent so that less plastic bags are produced. That’s why a lot of garbage is generated by the 3D deuce


because of money and profit

I am not sure I see the reason for this. Correct me if I am wrong, but before reporting that the cartridge is empty the printer is trying to squeeze every last drop of resin from the cartridge for 30 min or so. After that - pull out the cartridge and holding it over the tank press on the valve. No resin is dripping - it is already empty.


I suspect it really is the money and profit problem …we should really put pressure on them just to give us refill bottles and extra bite valves


You are probably correct. But, I had to make sure. :slight_smile:

There is still some resin in what the Form machine considers an empty cartridge. I had been draining what little is left oet in a container and then when the cartridge is really empty placing the collected resin in a tray. This will save me a set. Also I clean the “empty” cartridge with IPA prior to discarding.

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