Resin From KULZER company used on Form 2

Hello everyone!

We have recently purchased Light Curing Liquid for 3D printing from (DIMA Print Denture Teeth) from KULZER company. Unfortunately, the prints are nor printing. To be more specific, resin doesn’t stay on the platform. Is there anyone who is using resin from that company on Form 2? I would appreciate suggestions… Thanks!

The Form2 uses a 405nm UV laser to cure resins. This doesn’t work with light curing resins.

It looks like it’s made to cure under 405nm though.

I think the manufacturer of the resin will be more suited to direct you toward a solution. Have you tried asking them ?

Otherwise there are quite a lot of threads on the forums dealing with settings for 3rd party resins.

I called the company, and they said that since they do not do test on other printers, they cany help me since they do not know what may or may not work.

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