Resin Filter Procedure


I ran out of plastic containers to filter resin into, and I’ve been wanting to build a solution for a while, so I went to the dollar store last night and picked up some supplies.

The square container that the resin filters into is $1.25. Popcorn bucket was the same price. To test, I used cardboard to hold the popcorn bucket which holds the filter.

The problem I was having with using a regular yogurt sized container was the crevices and lip around the top prevented all the resin from being recovered. Switching to a square, shallow container means I can use the metal scraper that comes with the printer to get all the resin back into the tank.



I use a clear plastic pint tumbler to filter the resin into, this is so I can see when the resin has stopped flowing.
I tip the filtered resin straight into the tray while it is in place in the printer. When the tumbler is nearly empty I balance it on top of the wiper and wait until the resin has completely drained into the tray.
I have the build platform out of the printer during the whole of the filtering to remind me not to start the next print.


Spot on, use the same method myself… secret is make life as simple as possible.