Resin Filter Funnel

My method for keeping the resin tank clean is to filter the resin with a disposable paint filter funnel. Unfortunately the funnel could not be left unattended because it would sink to the bottom of my holding cup. I created this filter holding funnel to solve that problem. Here is the .form file if you’d like to use this.

Resin Cleaning Process:

  1. Setup funnel, filter, and cup.
  2. Pour the resin from the tank into the filter (I leave the wiper in the filter to keep it out of way).
  3. Use the scraper and a spatula to remove the final resin from the tank and lift off any stuck pieces.
  4. Return the filtered resin to the clean tank and store it with wiper and lid in the box it was shipped in.
  5. You are now ready to print with clean material.


Cool Beans! Thanks! This will also be great for filtering my electroforming solution!

Very nice, @DigArt! Thanks for sharing your model, too!


I don’t suppose you mind sharing a STEP file or the native CAD file so we can tweak our container interface accordingly?

Here is the STEP file, and here is the SolidWorks file.

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cool stuff Digart. Liked your fb page. Getting into 3d engineering from 3d SFX. Maya & Zbrush user rolling into Fusion 360. Love my Form 2.

OMG… hilarious! You’re local!

I went to like your FB page and noticed you’re in Brooklyn Park! I grew up in Brooklyn Center, and went to Park Center.

I haven’t moved too far. In White Bear Lake now, and my office is in Lowertown, St. Paul. You should actually come down and visit. It’s a cooperative of engineering and industrial design firms. A very cool space.

… it’s always good to network!

Cool, I have been learning ZBrush for a few years. I have started bringing my SolidWorks files into ZB for final adjustments of edges and decorative features. I have yet to feel like I know how to use ZB, more of a serious dabbler.

That is funny. I think I visited your company a few years ago. I’d like to stop in and network. I’ll give you a call after the holidays.