Filter holder

Here is my solution to holding the funnel and filter to allow drain back into the tank on our Form3. :grinning:

It just clips onto the tank and then I can fill up the funnel with filter paper in it and let it drain into the tank while the tank is in the Form3 with the cover down. I leave it overnight.

Formlabs funnel holder.stl (971.2 KB)


Great sharing!

@Andrew_W what a neat design! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of our forum community!

Like this. I had a similar idea to get the last drop out of a cartridge.

When I just don’t finish a cartridge before I need to replace a new one, with this I can drain the last drop out of the prior cartridge.


This one looks epic too! :wink: Are you sharing it? :wink:


but still perfecting it.

It is impossible to balance the prior cartridge over the inserted cartridge as the last of the resin fills it.

how didn’t you print the part on your form? lol

slight mod

16 hr print.

Are you will to share your model of the cartridge only?

For filtering we designed a funnel for a quite standard bottle, for me it would be great to have a piece to support the tant and drained it into the funnel, and a modification os this support for a bottle.
It is posible to have the 3D to modiffy it?
Our funnel: Screw-in Funnel by Vikyngo - Thingiverse

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My funnel has some ribs inside it to hold the filter paper away from the surface to allow better draining.

10-1038-01.stl (2.3 MB)