Cartridge caddy?

Does anyone have a design for something to set opened, but currently not-in-use cartridges in to sort of contain the BITE valve dribble?

Lay them on their sides with the vent and bit valve toward the top. Helpfully, Formlabs have made the labels readable in this orientation.

They also designed it so that any drips from the bite valve land exactly on the electrical contacts, so be careful!

Why not just put the orange cap thingie back when not in use?..

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I do currently, but that’s not foolproof and trickier to do than it ought to be. That’s why I asked if someone had designed something better.

Take a look here: Formlabs cartridges bottom cover by TekkieLex - Thingiverse



That looks ideal. Thanks!

Your welcome. I found these when I was looking to design something to stop drips. I moded mine to use shop spill towels instead of sponges. You may want to thicken the wall a bit as it is very thin and i had a few brake on the side walls… just haven’t got around to updating the design.