Extending IPA / Recovering resin

So, I designed these for myself to extend my IPA (and recover Resin) and they’ve been working very well! Now I am hoping to print them for others to help fund my expensive resin-habit! :slight_smile:

Platform “Drip-Dry” tool
Cartridge Coupling

Anyway, check them out and let me know what you think!

PS: The site will give you a 20% off when you use the “bundle offer” combo on either page.

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How do you keep the bite valve open to transfer the resin?

In this case, it is not necessary keep the bite valve open. The hole of the screw cap is large enough.

So what am I looking at here, emerging from the upper cartidge?

Generally the cartridge being drained is about to be discarded (not reused). I simply pull the rubber bite valve off of that cartridge and open the cap so it can breathe.

those little ribs are part of the cartridge itself, they sit on either side of the bite valve (what I show there is what you’d see once the valve is removed). check out my visual reference pasted in another reply

Ahhh! Remove bite valve, that explains it :slight_smile:
Btw selling the stls should help you economically too.

Unfortunately I ran in to trouble on a different product when an overseas buyer I sold my STL to, began printing and selling my own design against me. That was a hard pill to swallow. :frowning:

sorry - I was wrong. Have not looked closely.

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