Filter holder?

I’ve been looking for a good filter holder and just found this image on the suport pages, but no reference where to order it. Does anyone know or have even better ideas?

looks easy enough to make by hand

Hi @Reine,

I don’t believe we have any official recommendations for this type of holder. Based on a quick search, you should be able to order a similar one by searching for “ring stands” online. You could also fashion a similar device yourself as @George_Earussi mentioned.

This is my take on a filter holder, it fits well into the top of the resin cartridge and the ribs allow good draining. I printed mine out of clear.

10-1038-01.stl (2.3 MB)


Thank you. The problem I see with that solution (I’ve used a similar but smaller funnel) is the whole contraption is inherently top-heavy and could easily be knocked over by misstake. That’s why I’m looking for a “ring stand”.

Good point! I might make up a support legs for the resin cartridge to prevent this happening.

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I bought one a while back, but searching on Amazon for “paint filter ring stand” gave me several results. This is the type I got at the time:

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