Strainer funnels

Not sure if these would be useful for resin, might be a little on the small side but look like they might be worth checking out.,8343.html?ns_md=Email&ns_sc=Marketing&ns_cn=16WS58R&ns_pc=16WS58R&utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=16WS58R

I use paint strainers from Home Depot. They are 2 dollars for 5 pcs. and no funnel is needed. Just place it on top of any jar with slightly smaller diameter.

I’ll check those out, was looking at wine funnels with filters, little more reusable than the toss aways.

We use DeVilbiss 190 micron fine nylon point strainers (disposable), along with a filter stand to hold it above a cartridge or bottle.

Pro tip: you can “prime” the filter by using dabing resin on the mesh so that the initial inrush flows smoothly and forms a single, tight pour.

100 for 5 $

Cool, only bad part is if I go in there I will come out with a whole lot of stuff I don’t need.

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That’s what I wound up doing, got normal paint strainers and I got a little laboratory/workshop holder jig that holds the cone filter in place with a pyrex lab container underneath it to collect any resin. Haven’t had a need for it yet knock on wood