Pouring resin back into the bottle?

So I understand I need a funnel, though is there a specific type of filter and technique I need to know about?

I recommend never ever pouring the resin back into a bottle. I see no reason for this. Get more tanks if you plan to use different resins.

You are asking for trouble pouring used resin back into the bottle.

i have an old bottle labeled mix for each of my resins. I pour resin in there, filter and mix/shake every couple prints,

I’ve never actually been able to find it explicitly stated anywhere - but we’re supposed to leave the resin in the tank after pouring it into it, and just put the black cover back on top then, right?

(We have a Form1+ in our office but haven’t had a chance to get started using it yet!)

The black cover is only necessary when storing the resin tank outside of the printer itself—when you’re using another resin tank, for example. While in the printer with the orange cover down, the resin can be left for some time. As others have noted here, you should agitate/mix the resin prior to printing again, if you’ve left it for awhile.

One major reason I need to do this is that the tank has damage, so want to save the resin. Though I guess I can pour it in another empty bottle. Though why is it bad to filter pour it into the existing resin bottle?

Pour it into another bottle. If you pour it into your resin bottle you may contaminate your entire bottle of resin.

Can you just filter it into the new replacement tank?

Though it’s only a small amount. Also not sure when the next time I will be using the grey stuff. The tank seems to be leaking so might need to get it out quick.