Can I pour the resin from the tank back into the resin cartridge

i need to move my form 2 to a new workshop… can I pour the resin from the tray back into the resin cartridge? so that i am not driving with full tray in the car?

If i do this will it mess with the micro chip or something or is there a chance that the opening for auto fill on the cartridge might get stuck open with contaminants or something strange?

i will also take the tray out of the printer while moving just so no one asks lol

Yes you can. Best to use a strainer or paint filter before pouring it back to make sure it’s clean. As you mention, the printer will tell you that it’s empty after 1 liter so you’ll have about 200ml left and can ignore the warning.


@ericmkelly If you’re able to, I’d also recommend filtering the resin, and if possible storing it in a separate light-blocking plastic container.

Do you have suggestions on this type of container?

@shawny2005 - any clean container that is not see through will do.

Given that one month is the support recommendation, I think you guys should sell containers that are easy to fill/clear out

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