Questions, new owner

Got a few noob questions…

  1. Is it ok to leave the resin in the tank after prints or do I need to refill the cartridge?
  2. Whats the easiest way to refill?

Im just confused on how to handle the resin thats left after printing… any help would be appreciated.

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You leave it in the Tank unless you changing resin type and don’t have a spare tank, in which case you’d have to clean the tank of the existing resin. Which I suppose if you filter it through some cheesecloth or a screen, would be OK going back in to the cartridge through a funnel. The cartridges are said to be not-recommended-for-refill by Formlabs. But clearly, you can refill them by unscrewing the cap on top and pouring in more resin…

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Perfect. Thanks.

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