Resin dissolve

I printed a part in grey resin, which I need to be dissolved in some solvent to use and realease a molded part.

Can you help me with this issue ??? I´ve already tried acetone and it didn´t work


What material is being molded inside?

The resin won’t be easy to dissolve. I have heated it up to make it flexible and pulled it off of molds before.

It´s a copper wire winding.

Pretty much anything that will dissolve the resin is going to remove the varnish from the winding along with the resin.

You could try printing in flexible and then tearing the part off.

What can I use to dissolve it??? Basically I said copper as a figure but specifically is tantalum wire and It doesn´t have any vanish.


There isn’t much out there that will dossolve acrylic.

Thinking a little though, you could soak the part in IPA over night. It won’t dissolve but it will be soft and brittle enough to remove.

IPA and paint thinner could make it very brittle and weak. Isn’t acetone actually dissolving acrylic?

Different solvents will dissolve and weaken the resin but none will fully dissolve it. Acetone is going to be your best bet for attacking the resin and it was able to crack a few of our parts when we were doing solvent compatibility testing.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I am looking to dissolve out a copper support as well.