Resin Cartridge contents


If I order a resin cartridge for the Form2, is resin included?
It seems to be included with the Initial clear resin cartridge that comes with the Form2.
If so, then I would just need to purchase more affordable bottles of resin to resupply each cartridge as needed?


Formlabs resin is the same price for bottles or cartridges, of you go for 3rd party resins then that’s different altogether.

They don’t sell empty resin containers, while you can fill up the resin cartridge again, I believe that messes up how it keeps track of how much resin is in the cartridge. Their plan for allowing you to use other resin without buying a new cartridge is to have you pour it into the tray directly, though that feature isn’t added into the software yet.

They should design a third party cartridge that is generic with less features. We shouldn’t be pouring directly into the tank anymore if most of the design is to restrict that.

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