Requesting a cure and soak chart(/badass poster) for all materials

I was thinking It would be nice to have a uv curing and alcohol soak chart for when I go A.D.D. Sorry not motivated to make my own. Formlabs can you help make up something pretty to hang over my sweet machine?


I agree, especially with the continuously increasing number of material options and formulations. Hopefully something that we can work on and make available. Thanks for sharing the idea.

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Check out our UV Curing box by Dental 3D Agency inclusive times for set and pre-cleaning in alcohol. The lightbox let the objects set really fast. It also fits to the biocompatibility of dental SG. Contact us at or visit our homepage:

Stephen you read my mind. Keep me in the loop, please.

If only I could read German.

That would be handy.

One of the few times I recommend Google Chrome. Auto Translate FTW!

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