Repurposing Support Structures, Bases, and Unused Cured Resin

Hello Community,

Recently after months of printing on the Form 2 printer, I have noticed that I have accumulated a box full of unused support structures and support bases. I was wondering if anyone has found a way to re-purpose these pieces of cured resin? It would be a shame to throw all these cured but unused pieces of resin away.


I have a co-worker who is collecting my support structures and says he is going to make a re-purposed art sculpture of some sort from the cured resin. If he ever does I’ll put up a pic!

On a more serious note, no I have not!

  • Kevin

I have thought about the art route, and please do share once its completed!

I have been experimenting with trying to reheat the cured resign and seeing if it can become something that can be reused [to no success so far]. I suppose i can use glue as well.