What to do with resin printed supports?

Hello Every one,

Since I have my Form2 I have been printing many things and I have accumulated so many resin supports (and some badly printed parts) that I could build a rollercoaster.

So here is my question: Is there any way to recycle it in a smart way ? Is this compatible with selective sorting?

Thanks !


Wait patiently for the inevitable next Superman or Fraggle Rock “reboot” and apply for prop subcontract.


There’s really nothing you can do with it, since you can’t turn it into a material that you can reuse

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I’m tellin’ ya… somewhere in Paris or Greenwich Village is a rave-reviewed modern art exhibit made of nothing but Form printer supports. Get in on the ground floor while you can!

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I’ve been wondering the same thing for the past six months with no good answer.
I have only used a very small part of my resin supports, to correct print imperfections or support broken parts while gluing them back in place.
Reusable or recyclable supports have been an issue since the beginning of 3D printing. Plastic printers (dual nozzle) now use water solvable and biodegradable supports. Powder printers have a 99% reusable material. Finally MIT partnered with Steelcase in a new technology called Rapid Liquid Printing which is printing in bin of gel, again 99% reusable.
I have never heard about any kind of resin being recycled, so the only suggestion I can make is, use an old blender or something to turn them into filling material for models with large cavities.