Replacement Parts

Hi, I am in touch with support on this, but it is a bit of a rush.

It looks like I shafted my big mirror but improper cleaning (my bad), I can also see dust on the small mirror, which I assume means there will be dust on the galvos.

So, my question is, where can I get a replacement Form1+ big mirror ASAP and how do I fit it.

Also, how do I easily clean the small mirror and galvos?

Mark, support will be your best and fastest solution to get a replacement mirror if necessary. They should be following up with you very soon.


I am looking for a replacement stepper motor that worked the resin tank. I’ve opened a ticket and haven’t gotten any reply, the ticket is even shown as not existing. can anyone help with a replacement?

Shane, what is your ticket number? I can check on this for you.


Its alright I got a response last night. Thanks for the followup.

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