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How do I remove the mirror on Form1?

Been reading through the forums for hours. I am repairing a form1 for the local makerspace. It has a bad mirror, where someone rubbed the heck out of it. I have a replacement mirror. But as I look at the assembly I cannot see how to do it. Is it glue on?
I have read several posts that say “it is easy to replace the mirror” but have not found one article or video on the web that shows how to do it!
It looks like it will work otherwise, so can anyone help me on how to remove the existing mirror?

The small mirror is fixed on with epoxy and a bit difficult to remove, but the large one ought to come off without too much trouble.

This PDF for replacing the large mirror might be of help.

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Thanks. Thats what I was looking for!
I looked at that mirror and did not realize those were nuts. I thought I had to remove the mirror first to get to the screws. THANKS SO MUCH!!!