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F1+ Galvano mirror snapped off!

Stupid me. I attempted to clean the mirror without dissassembling the rear, and out came what I believe was the X axis Galvano mirror. It appears to have been epoxied into place and snapped cleanly along the edge.

My question. Is this salvageable?

if no…

Does anyone want a cheap 1+ for parts?

This parts wiki had details on the galvos and sources for replacements:

Unfortunately some of the links there are dead and I’m not sure if the galvo components can still be found anywhere on the market. But at least it’s a starting point.

This thread might also be interesting if you decide to attempt a repair:

Is your laser in good condition? Any issues with prints before you tried cleaning? I might be interested in the “for parts” printer, or just the laser.

I empathize with your situation. The original laser in my beloved Form 1+ died ages ago. I attempted a repair but wound up cracking the lens. A kind forum user even sent me an old laser they had kicking around from their mothballed printer, but unfortunately it didn’t work. After several months I finally got a Peopoly laser and it works well, but the power doesn’t quite match that of the original Formlabs lasers and it’s best used only with OpenFL. I’d be keen to obtain a working original laser.

Thank you for your reply.

I bought the printer 2 weeks ago, and have had 1 successful print out of 6 attempts.

Tray and mirror may have been dirty.

Resin was old.

I was just poured fresh resin and was going to send it just before this happened!

I think I can superglue the mirror back on. Does anybody have the alignment file?
I saw a youtube video of someone adjusting their mirrors with X on a paper and a special file.