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Replaced LPU cable

Error code 56 and it was diagnosed as a bad LPU cable.
I received the cable Friday and today started on a 18 page
process to remove the LPU and replace it’s cable.
The document was clear and contained many helpful pictures
( 1-2 per page ). The result was success. My form3 is printing.
I have only one complaint., the instructions said 20-30 min. For
me it was more like 90-120 min.

Thanks Formlab


Cool, thanks for sharing! If it’s any consolation, it always takes me longer than their time guidelines, too. Probably just means you’re meticulous.

Where did you get the instructions? It seems like Form doesn’t allow access to those documents unless you go through tech support or your dealer… I used the change LPU command to bring the unit out to clean the rollers. Now I get the bloody 56 error every time. Really wish there were more online resources for troubleshooting…

I got the instructions from Formlabs support.

Hey StevePeters, I have a crush timeline for deliverables and an 8 hour build overnight failed shortly after I left the office. Arggggg… no online details as to error 56 except your posts. Thanks… Any chance you can share the instruction booklet you got to fix the error 56? (tech support auto-reply email says they will get back to me in 24 hours… loosing a day on my project, not to mention if I have to purchase a cable, UG!

I have a 11MB PDF file. How do I send it to you ?

Hi steve!

I am having the same issues and can’t get a hold of formlabs support.
Would you be willing to share the documents with me? is my mail.

many thanks!

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I sent the PDF.

Hi Steve,
I got a problem about error code 56 too, Can you share the document with me please?
my mail is

Thank you so much

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Dear Steve,
can you send me the PDF. I`ve got a problem with one of the magnet motors of the LPU and I want to watch inside if I can solve it. My email is:
thank you!