Repeated failure of base to adhere to plate - any tips?

I’ve been trying to print some simple designs to learn - some guitar nuts - but I find that out of 7 print attempts only 3 have succeeded, with the failure mode always being that the base gets a few layers in and then sticks to the resin tray rather than the plate.

I thought perhaps my guitar nut (which is in effect a 3 x 43 x 5 mm rectangle) might be too narrow, and the base is not adhering to the plate as a result, so I changed my design to include two at once giving it a more substantial base, but I have the same failure mode.

I’m using a Form 1 with Clear resin V2 and Black resin V2, and I’m using the most recent version of PreForm on my Mac. I’ve saved my design here in case anyone is interested:

If this started to occur and worked fine before then make sure there is no old resin on the build platform. Take some sandpaper and scuff up the surface and make sure you wipe it down well with IPA.

Other thing to check is how old is your resin? >1 year it might be degrading and no longer curing right.

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When you have adherence problems, one of the reasons is the build plate is not close enough to the PDMS surface.

Try reducing the distance by fine tuning the printer: In the file menu, click “Printers…”, then on the pop-up window click the name of the printer. A few options come up, co click on “Fine Tuning”.

To bring the platform closer to the PDMS surface, move the slider in the "Lower" direction. You can do this in increments of 0.1mm, up to 1mm. Start small and try printing again. If you get too close, then the bases will be very thin, and hard to get off, so somewhere in there you’ll find a happy medium.

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This only works if the printer is connected by USB. Otherwise it can be accessed through the settings menu on the printer.

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I’m on my iPad so I can’t see the .form file, but I have started making larger rafts or moving smaller models so they overlap with other small models’ rafts to make larger rafts if they are not sticking. Does that make sense? Preform will show the models in red and balk at you and tell you that they’re overlapped…but just override. Since I’m making jewelry, I’ll usually “gang” three models so there are three on one raft to make the raft larger.

I also sand my build platform with 320-grit sandpaper, then clean thoroughly with IPA (it will have dark gray residue…clean until this is gone).

I have also adjusted my vertical (Z-Axis?) setting through the touchscreen…add my vote to that option.

I’ve done the same many times, but never had Preform complain that the bases were overlapped. Maybe it’s the newer versions of PreForm, I’m still running 2.10.3, which is a year old, but works perfectly for me.

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I checked tonight…I’m using a -0.2mm setting on the Z Fine Tuning…that’s a NEGATIVE 0.2mm. Just FYI.

I did also just notice that this is posted in the Form 1/1+ forum, so I hope the information is still relevant.

I guess it doesn’t “balk,” but it does show all the models outlined in red and it says that there’s a problem with overlapping. I’m used to bypassing warnings…just livin’ on the edge with little CurlyBee!

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