Reopen missing objects from print (maurop123)?

Had right the same problem as maurop123 described on Jun 22.
Import of 4 different .stl models. Appeared all ok in PreForm. Supports, orientation, layout could be edited and customized without any problem (i didn’t test scale). Upload, all ok. Preview on the Form 2 showed all 4 objects, but after printing 1 object was missing, the other ones were as the should be, really ok. I’m not perfectly sure, but as far as i remember it was the last imported and smallest object. Tried a 2nd run – same result. 3rd run with reimport, relocation and edited supports – same result, 1 object still missing.
any ideas except creating 1 big .stl?
thanks for support :wink:

Is it possible that the one part in question didn’t adhere to the build platform and so is stuck to the bottom of your tank?

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