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Remove the RE-ASSIGN tanks feature's limitations

Dear team, please can you remove the limitation to reassign a tank to any other resin? I know that is useful with biomedical resins, but please let us to choose without limitations how we can fill our tanks. Maybe you can give an alert message that “isn’t suggested” to move from a X resin to Y using the same tank, but please let us to choose that.
Thanks and best regards,

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Yes, I totally agree with this. It’s up to us how we use our printers, resins, and tanks. If we get failed prints then that’s “Ok”, in as much that we know we are perhaps going against what is recommended by FL, but having spent the last year doing Beta Testing for FL on a 3BL (not that I knew I was Beta testing!), I really don’t want to be further patronised by having features “locked down”, It really pisses me off.
Just open up all the “features”, but recommend it’s not for the “Newbies” in the software OGI.