Remote "Continue" button is needed for Preform

It would be very helpful if I could tell my printer to “Continue” through the dashboard, to bypass the Low Resin error.

The low resin error is activated for every single tank of resin when it gets low. This will be trigger more than once, the way I use my printer. I can predict when it will be triggered but that doesn’t mean I’ll have time to sit around by the machine waiting for that event. I often start the printer before I leave my home office/shop. I don’t like to wait by the machine while it warms up. When I am away from the machine I don’t get a text saying there was an error. I need to check in online to see the dashboard status. I might be miles away when I see this error but there is nothing I can do to correct it. Worse, is when I am at home and don’t see the error for hours.

The improved design would have:

  1. Text me if the Low Resin error has occurred.
  2. Allow me to select Continue from the FormLabs Dashboard.



This has been discussed there :

A good point is that on top of the very conservative warning, there are too many of them and for too long after the start of the print.

I’m sure this has been brought up before the linked thread though. Still no update from Formlabs on that front.

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This would be a satisfactory solution as well. Anything really. I just took off from my day job to drive 20 minutes home to restart the machine. I need to hang around for 10 minutes to make sure it is for really running then drive back to work. All this so I can have my side job ready for the next step when I get home. This has happened so many times, it is frustrating.

It would also be nice if I could collect the last few mL of resin from one tank and add them to another of the same type-rev. But the counter doesn’t adjust and you end up with a low tank error.

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Yeah, topping off the cartridge is much more practical but it leads to early resin level warning. For now i think you’re better off adding the remaining of the resin in the tank.

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Oh god, yes, please let us acknowledge / confirm errors and warnings through the dashboard, this is a must-have today. Especially for all those babysitting warnings / errors.

I’m going to bump this thread and request this feature again. If a remote “continue” button is not possible, at least give us the option to disable the warnings and pausing. If I screw up my printer by disabling the warning, thats fine, I’ll deal with it. Its MY printer so let me screw it up. What you guys can’t do is continue to waste our time!

I can’t tell you how many days of work time this “feature” has wasted for me and co-workers. I start a print and run off to meetings or take off for the day only to realize it has been stuck on the low resin warning. Quite maddening!!

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